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The Free Version, April 9, 2021

Information about the May-June issue can be found in last week’s newsletter, along with plenty of other details about the magazine, subscribing to this newsletter, and links to some interesting articles and resources. Unfortunately, this week’s free newsletter will be short, as I am very short of time and will be away from my computer for the weekend.

The book excerpt for this week will be from my book, Long Hard Trails and Sled Dog Tales, My Adventures in Tracking Dogteams Across Alaska and What I Learned Along the Way, published in 2018 by my Northern Light Media, which also publishes Alaskan History Magazine. The book is “a memoir of sorts, an adventure story to be sure, and a look at what it’s like to follow a champion sled dog racing team across thousands of miles of Arctic wilderness.” The first chapter will be excerpted in Sunday’s free newsletter; you can learn more about the book at this link. A brief paragraph about the early Iditarod meetings in 1972-73:

It’s funny what comes back to you after three decades. Snippets of conversation, pieces of memory floating about like jigsaw puzzle pieces with no puzzle to fit into. I recall a meeting at the Kashim when the discussion was what the drivers should carry in their sleds for the trip. The looming question seemed to be whether or not they should be required to carry a gun. No one questioned whether or not it should be an option, only whether it should be mandatory gear. I don’t recall the outcome, and I don’t know what the rules are today regarding firearms on the trail, but I remember sitting there at that long table in the back room and listening to the earnest conversation of those trail-hardened men.

Another book which might interest readers of this newsletter is the Alaskan History Magazine anthology featuring the stories and photographs which ran in the magazine from the inaugural issue in May-June, 2019 through the Nov-Dec, 2019 issue. The full texts of every article are highlighted by historic photos from the magazine in a convenient book format, making this a great gift for anyone interested in the history of the north. This anthology features engaging stories of the people who wrote the history of the Great Land, and the great events which shaped and defined that history. You can learn more about the book at this link.

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