Alaskan History Magazine's Weekly Newsletter

The Free Version, April 28, 2021

Spring is in the air, and changes are everywhere! With the May-June issue finished and en route to those who purchased the print edition, a complete revision of the interior pages of the magazine is being finalized for the July-August issue. The new layout will bring a fresher, brighter look to the pages, with new fonts and more dynamic presentation of images. I’m hoping to include some samples in the next newsletter.

Meanwhile, a new site for online sales of the magazine and books is ready to go:

Alaskan History Magazine now has a storefront and shopping cart on the e-commerce site Shopify, where single issues, a complete set of back issues, and all of the books published by Northern Light Media can be seen and purchased, and all of the prices include first class postage. Every back issue listing includes screenshots of several pages and the table of contents for that issue, and all of the book listings include photos and images from that title. See below for more screenshots, or click the link above to visit the online store.

Another change coming soon will be the inclusion of classic and collectible books on Alaska’s history at the new Shopify site. Titles such as Judge James Wickersham’s Old Yukon: Tales, Trails and Trials; Edwin M. Fitch’s The Alaska Railroad; Samuel Hall Young’s Hall Young of Alaska; Barrett Willoughby’s The Trail Eater; Hudson Stuck’s The Ascent of Denali; Eva Greenstreet’s Dog Team Doctor; Esther Birdsall Darling’s Baldy of Nome, and many others will be available at reasonable prices.

Alaskan History Magazine and Northern Light Media will also be offering some super-cool swag and merch soon: Calendars, coffee mugs, notecards, totes and more! Details in the next newsletter.

The weekly book excerpt, normally emailed on Sunday, didn’t happen this week. Nor did the newsletter itself, either the paid or free versions. Family stuff came first. Thanks for understanding.

The May-June issue of Alaskan History Magazine includes articles about the gold rush town of Knik, historic hot springs of Alaska, profiles of villages by students at the Eklutna School, the Arbuckle Bros. Coffee Co.’s trading cards for Captain Cook, the history of Copper Center’s Hotel Holman (later renamed the Blix Roadhouse), and Rev. Samuel Hall Young’s tale of mushing over the Iditarod Trail in 1912. Click here to order your copy from the new Shopify site!

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Helen Hegener, publisher

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