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May 21, 2021

Hello Friends, 

I was surprised and pleased this week to receive notification that an article I was interviewed for a month or so ago is now available to read at the National Geographic website! “The Rugged Past and Fragile Future of Alaska’s Roadhouses,” by Anchorage writer Bailey Berg, is a wide-ranging look at historic roadhouses such as the Black Rapids, Sullivan, Talkeetna, Gakona, Meier’s Lake, and many others. Some good history, great photos, and fun quotes — including a couple from me!

“When Hegener wrote Alaskan Roadhouses in 2015, she estimated that roughly three or four dozen of the original several thousand roadhouses still stood. Most of the ones that are preserved are on major thoroughfares...”

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The July-August, 2021 issue update

The July-August issue of Alaskan History Magazine will be mailed June 15 for delivery near July 1st. This issue has a new cover design, a few layout changes inside, and some great articles, including Alaska Nellie, one of the territory’s most colorful and beloved personalities; Jujiro Wada, an enigmatic Japanese explorer and adventurer who helped blaze the Iditarod Trail; USGS Topographer-in-Charge Rufus Harvey Sargent, who led the efforts to map Alaska for 28 years; and the 1926-1929 U.S. Navy Aerial Alaskan Survey, which photographed about 12,000 square miles of difficult country with speed, precision, and high technical competence. Click below to pre-order the July-Aug issue, sent postpaid via first class on June 15. 

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From the May-June, 2021 issue

Three articles from the May-June issue have been emailed to the paid subscribers to this newsletter: Historic Alaskan Hot Springs, the history of Knik, and Hotel Holman, later known as the Blix Roadhouse, in Copper Center.

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From the Archives

The Jan-Feb issue, 2020 issue of Alaskan History Magazine featured an article about the Bard of the Yukon, Robert Service; you can read the entire article at the Alaskan History Magazine Newsletter’s Archives.

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