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February 27, 2021

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The May-June issue of Alaskan History Magazine is now in production and will be mailed April 15th for arrival the first week of May. Articles currently scheduled for that issue include the history of Copper Center’s Hotel Holman, later renamed the Blix Roadhouse, and Rev. Samuel Hall Young’s tale of mushing over the Iditarod Trail between the namesake town and Seward in 1912. A photo from the upcoming issue:

Articles in the March-April issue included the history of the Bering Sea port of St. Michael; an introduction to Malemute Joe Henderson, the intrepid North Slope explorer; the story of John and Frank Ballaine and the Alaska Central Railroad, including the founding of the town of Seward; an excerpt from May Kellogg Sullivan’s book about visiting the Klondike in 1899; the story of four murdered miners in the gold fields west of Talkeetna; the history of Alaska’s first postal inspector, John P. Clum; and a look at vintage sled dog postcards. Those articles will begin appearing in the paid subscribers’ email newsletters beginning next week. 

This week the final feature from the Jan-Feb issue, for paid subscribers to this newsletter, was the Memorable Photographs section, with a few extra images from past issues; see one below. CLICK HERE to subscribe to the paid edition and see all of the articles and photographs.

Fresno scrapers digging the Miocene Ditch, Nome, ca. 1900.  The Miocene Ditch was one of three canals which provided water for early placer gold mining operations near Nome. [photographer Eric A. Hegg]

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• From the Archives: Early Governors of Alaska

Military and Civilian, from 1867 to 1959. They were an interesting bunch:

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Historic Roads of Alaska

This full color online PDF booklet looks at the history of some Alaskan roads – the Richardson Highway, selected roads around Nome, the roads in the Southeast, the Williamsport-Pile Bay Road, the Alaska Highway, the Seward Highway, the Denali Highway, and the Dalton Highway – to explore their role in Alaska’s history. From the Introduction: “These roads are by no means all of the historic roads in Alaska, nor do they tell the whole history of road travel in the state. These roads represent different aspects of the state: from small connector roads to long highways leading to the rest of the country; from local roads that connect communities to ferries that connect whole regions; and from the first major road to gold regions to the latest major road to oil regions. These roads are also spread across Alaska and demonstrate the vastness of Alaska and its diversity in climate, economy, and population. Their individual histories illuminate the many ways that Alaska evolved from “Seward’s Folly” to a prosperous state, and together can open a new window on Alaska’s history.”

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