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March 5, 2021

The March-April issue featured vintage postcards of dog teams in Alaska, but this interesting image of a team on the Yukon River was not included.

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It’s been an unusually busy week and the first excerpt from the March-April issue has not gone out yet, so no worries if you thought you missed it. If you’re not a subscriber to the paid version, that’s what comes with the $5/month subscription, all of the articles and content from the print edition of Alaskan History Magazine, delivered weekly when I’m not too swamped (and I’m usually not). You can subscribe here with a free week’s trial!

Articles in the March-April issue included the history of the Bering Sea port of St. Michael; an introduction to Malemute Joe Henderson, the intrepid North Slope explorer; the story of John and Frank Ballaine and the Alaska Central Railroad, including the founding of the town of Seward; an excerpt from May Kellogg Sullivan’s book about visiting the Klondike in 1899; the story of four murdered miners in the gold fields west of Talkeetna; the history of Alaska’s first postal inspector, John P. Clum; and a look at vintage sled dog postcards like the one at the top of this newsletter. 

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The Boundary Dispute

When the United States purchased Alaska from the Russian Empire in 1867, one of the best real estate deals in history was sealed, but the U.S. government also inherited a few headaches, not the least of which was a contentious disagreement over the geographic boundaries between the southeastern part of the territory of Alaska and the province of British Columbia. [Free to read at the link above.]

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“All the tribes of the Asiatic coasts, from the Ob to the Bering Strait, to Greenland and Kamchatka, harness their dogs to their sleds, in order to make long journeys and transport cumbersome burdens.” – Baron Ferdinand P. Von Wrangell, in Le Nord de la Siberie, 1843.

With the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race starting this weekend, I thought a look back at the origins of mushing might be interesting!

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