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March 18, 2021

Vintage fruit and produce labels often feature northland terms and images to associate a sense of freshness, refrigeration and other qualities with their foods.

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The May-June issue of Alaskan History Magazine is now in production and will be mailed April 15th for arrival the first week of May. Articles currently scheduled for this issue include the Arbuckle Bros. Coffee Co.’s trading cards for Captain Cook, the history of Copper Center’s Hotel Holman, later renamed the Blix Roadhouse, and Rev. Samuel Hall Young’s tale of mushing over the Iditarod Trail between the namesake town and Seward in 1912. The cover is a tinted slide from a 1923 trip, showing a Chevrolet crossing a glacier stream near the Worthington Glacier on the Richardson Highway.

Two articles from the March-April issue have been posted to the paid subscribers to this newsletter, including the history of the Bering Sea port of St. Michael, and Alaska’s first postal inspector, John P. Clum. CLICK HERE to subscribe to the paid edition and see all of the articles and photographs.

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Bicycles in Frontier Alaska

“White man he sit down walk like hell!” (overheard by Ed Jesson, near Circle City, 1900)

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Photograph from the Eyewitness Series #4: Of Gold and Gravel: A Pictorial History of Mining Operations at Coal Creek and Woodchopper Creek, 1934-1938, Yukon-Charley Rivers National Preserve, a collection of seventy-five photographs illustrating the construction of two mining camps and two gold dredges in Alaska’s backcountry.

Alaska Historical Society Blog

The Alaska Historical Society offers some splendid resources for anyone interested in the history of the northland. Highlighted recently in their blog is the Eyewitnesses Booklet Series, featuring the town of Eagle’s first year as seen in newspapers and letters, the ceremony at Sitka after the United States purchased Alaska from Russia, the discovery of gold at Juneau in 1880-81, and a pictorial history of mining operations at Coal Creek and Woodchopper Creek from 1934-1938. Each booklet includes advertisements, early maps, paintings, drawings and photographs previously unpublished or never collected.

From the editor of the series, Chris Allan:

“I wanted to get away from the traditional historian’s narrative form where primary sources play a secondary or tertiary role behind the historian’s voice and analysis. I like the idea of people hearing history from the eyewitnesses. In each case, I was so impressed with what was available in digitized newspapers that I wanted to share it.” 

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